Whenever I offered these to my friends, they’d usually make faces.

It’s ok, your loss.




Discovered this in West Side’s Gourmet, Garuda Mall. I was intrigued so I bought it. HOMG it tasted like cardboard. No, seriously. The smell of yeast was so overpowering and I couldn’t decide whether it tasted too salty or sour. Maybe both.

Oh, cardboard doesn’t taste that way? Whatever. Down the bin you go.



Kellogg’s muesli + oat + honey


I gotta say this has been my favourite snack meal for the past few months. In fact it’s so good, my mouth waters just thinking about it. The sad part is that I feel as if I’m cheating on Koko Krunch *sniffs*

Mouth waters. Over cereal. I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant.



Figs and apricots


My all-time favourite snacks! I usually stocked mine from The Spice Route in Mantri Mall. They’re dry but juicy at the same time (i know this doesn’t really make sense…), unlike the ones in packets you get in supermarkets.


spice shop

The Spice Route


Might as well promote the shop here seeing as most of my friends are unaware of its existence. I can say it’s my favourite shop in the mall. I’d stop by this store even when I’ve nothing to purchase because I love the ambience.

You get all kind of spices, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, tea etc etc etc. I get my brown sugar and soda bicarbonate for baking here too.


That is, till I decided to be smart and brought soda bicarbonate from Malaysia.



Figs and apricots and apricots


I found these in the small store near Lan’s Thai. The store looked so cikai but whoa you get so many rare imported stuff there! Since I rarely go to Mantri Mall nowadays (yes you read that right), I gave these a try. And they’re just as good! And much cheaper yay!

Now I miss fresh apricots *sighs*



Junk food


My parcel from Malaysia arrived last week.

Ok bye healthy food.