Ok everyone, say goodbye to OBG.



Hip hip hooray!!


Now let’s say goodbye to Sport’s Day.



If Nike manufactures head scarves, I’d buy it in a heart beat, I kid you not.


Somehow, I got sucked into 1500m. And somehow, after half my life of being a sprinter, I’m now better at long distance.

Obviously, the picture above is during the first round.



At the finishing line- I was half dead by this time LMAO. Ended up in 2nd place, proof I’m old wtf. My throat was burning raw and my nose was filled with dust eurgh.


Those were the reasons I was away. For a month plus  =_____=” 


Weekdays were spend for OBG, weekends for training. If you think all we medical students do is study, you’re welcome to visit us during sports events. It’s like this every year; competition is stiff! Heck, everyone basically threw their books to one side and focus on winning.


With it being the end of sport events, it was time to concentrate on end of posting exam. You have no idea how glad I am now that OBG’s over! Here’s hoping the next posting won’t be as hectic. A little boredom is very much welcome.




Moving on to another important part of my life, this cake was the only thing I’d baked in the past month *bows head in shame* Remember I wrote here how my blueberry breakfast cake needed improvement?

Now it’s perfect tadaaaa!! Friends noticed how different it tasted before I could point it out. So that’s good 😀




I made two of this. One for my posting-mate’s birthday (I went simple as he disliked anything with cream cheese topping), the other one to distribute among Sindhians (my hospital, in case you didn’t know). Just because.

I love how it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.





My attempt to make spaghetti carbonara a few days back. I know, I surprised myself too. I surprised myself further when it turned out tasty- at this point I didn’t think I could take more surprises.


Rummaged around the kitchen for some parsley/oregano coz I was pretty sure I had them……..ages ago. Huh couldn’t find them.

Haha! Made me realise just how long I didn’t cook!


Alright, will be back once I could find the time to edit my pictures- which could be tomorrow……. or next week  =_____=”


Seriously, I don’t even trust myself these days *sighs*