I haven’t baked for ages.


And by ages I meant a month. In my world, that’s ages.


These are all my baking hoards……last week. Yes, that’s in the past 7 days.



Blueberry breakfast cake


I got this recipe from mum last holiday. It was so so sooooo good! My mum’s I mean. I think mine still need some improvement? Lesser baking time and definitely more blueberries. My friends say it’s good enough as it is, but mum has set the standard pretty high so…



Carrot cake


Friend said it looked like an engagement cake wtf.



Black bottom cupcakes


Could have made the icing prettier but it was already past midnight and I was already tired and lazy lol.



Peanut butter cake


I thought it looked a little bland so I scattered coloured rice all over it. I love coloured rice. They make everything look so festive, like an instant cheer-up.

If only they work for human *sighs*

Feeling depressed? A shower of coloured rice coming right up!





Peanut butter cupcakes


I usually towered my cakes- in the sense that I’d bake 2 cakes, put a slab of icing in the middle and layer them up. Had some leftover batter from the peanut butter cake and made cupcakes out of it.



Kak Us (my packer, lol) grumbled about the weight of my luggage the last time I was home. You see, I was always at a lost of what food to bring from Malaysia. Which isn’t a mystery because I don’t cook. Lengkuas plays no significant role in my life.

But once I started baking, I loaded my luggage full with baking stuff.

Kak Us took out my red bean paste, “This is already 1 kg. What are you bringing this for? Can’t I take it out?”

In India no red bean paste ok! What if I suddenly feel like eating red bean pau??



So that’s it! I penat dah lol. But it’s been fun making those!