I’ve been writing here since 2006.


That’s 6 years of my life; compacted into words and pictures. A fraction of emotions and memories I’d chosen to share.


I never could remember what made me start writing in the first place. But over the years, it has become an anchor in finding who I am, a never-ending journey made over and over.


It’s my story. Of who I was, and who I am. Of the person I used to be, and the one I’ve become. And as far as I’m looking forward to know the person I will be, I guess by now I get the gist of it.


With each passing year, none was of much significance to me. But 2012, that was a special one.

It was the year I’d finally found myself.


It was the year I figured I needed to change, the year I realised I’d been living in the shadow of the past for far too long. It was the year my broken heart was finally patched. It’s not something I had done overnight; there were a lot of depression bouts, a lot of time spend just trying to make myself out. A time of confusion and endless doubts.


If I were to keep a tab on “the most received comment of the year”, it’d be just that. It’d be that I’ve changed.  I still have a lot to improve, that goes without saying, but this- this is the best of a person I could be so far. This is who I am.


To those who have gone through this journey with me, I thank you. To the souls I’d hurt, my apologies.


2012, you shall be missed.

Hello 2013  🙂