My first free Saturday!!! 😀 😀 😀


And I spend it by….going to the hospital wtf. I guess it just felt weird not having class on a weekend.


Again, this was also 2 weeks back. I do seem to blog 2 weeks later each time *sighs*





One of my fav appetisers; pita bread with hummus.

It’s healthy, it’s delicious. Can you ask for more?



Place seems familiar? Dropping by another book fair 🙂



How random! I’d watched this anime when I was in er, form 5, maybe?

Didn’t like it, twas too vulgar for me.



I’d spend months trying to get hold of a copy of this book. Finally found it in Bookworm, tucked away on the highest shelf, the staff had to climb on a ladder to get it for me.

And here I found 3 copies of it just lying around. You have got to be kidding me weh.



I was so tired at this point, no black and white picture could mask it T__T

Another work hard, play hard day from dawn till midnight. Gotta stop doing this-

eyebags couldn’t be permanent…right?



These were the books I’d bought 2 months back-which I haven’t read. Finally found Adeline Yen Mah’s Chinese Cinderella in Goobe’s!



Bought this whole lot for…. rs 550. That’s RM 30 wtf. Currently stacked in front of my bed as I’ve yet to find a place for them.

Shelf is full. 2 boxes are already full. Where.


Now. I get this question a lot;

“Where do you find the time to read story books? You’re doing Medicine for God’s sake.”


Well. If you can’t find the time- you make time. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood -my day would be incomplete without reading at least a page from my books.


I read while I’m having my meal. I read in between revision. I read before bedtime.


And yes, I even read when I’m in the toilet. Seriously, it’s awfully boring in there.