So I cried a bucket of tears.


That’s enough to last me for a year. Ok, no more crying in 2013.


That’s the day I’d dreaded the most. Partly because of EOP exam, but mostly because I knew I’d feel sad at having to leave MSRH.

It’s the best posting I’ve had in the 3 years of my clinical 😦



With the MICU doctors. Ask me to choose between the casualty, the EICU and MICU, and I’d say the MICU’s my favourite  🙂



With Dr. Deepak, who undoubtedly is one of the best doctors I’ve had the honour to learn from.

I had to blur Belon coz she’s still in her scrubs (Zie and I had changed outta ours). Dah la berdiri tengah2 aishh, nak crop pun tak dapat. 


It was gruelling, yes. And most of the days when I arrived home I felt beaten but…I love it. I love how I pushed myself, how I strived for my studies. I love how eager I was every morning to go for posting and how reluctant I was to leave at the end of the day.

I love how I’d rather stay and hang around the hospital, flipping the patients’ case sheets rather than going home and do nothing. I love the ambience, love how readily everyone seemed to accept us.




When the doctors were dishing out advices, I could feel my eyes prickling.

Dr. Hemanth looked at me in amusement,

“Everytime I see you, you’re always laughing and smiling. Why are you crying now?”

Which, of course, made me cry some more. Damn when did I get so sentimental.







So that’s it, vacation’s over. It’s back to Sindhi Hospital for OBG.


This whole thing made me realise regardless of where I’m posted, regardless of the doctors teaching me, I know everything’s for the best.


I hope I’ll be a kick-ass doctor a year from now, insya Allah. 


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