So tomorrow’s a holiday.


Hip hip hooray!!


Today wasn’t. But I turned it into one. Figured I needed to restore some normalcy into my life before starting the new rotation (it’s OBG hmmph).


Starting with tidying my room. Ok, so my room has never been untidy. Up to the point where I’m now used to these kind of questions:


“Does your room look like this all the time?”

“Seriously Nisa, do you clean your bathroom once in 2 days??”

“Why’s the floor so shiny? Did you lick it?”


Emergency Medicine *sighs*


If I ever tire of medicine one day, I’ll make one hell of a maid. Do hire me.

So today I happily spent 2 hours sweeping and moping and wiping the dusts. Took a bath, light up the aromatherapy candle, snuggled up in bed with a book and fell asleep.

Ah, bliss.


Alright it’s time for picturessss.



This was 2 weeks ago, when we sneaked out after class to go to Lan Thai, the new Thai place in Brigade Road.



Got a Malaysian tourist sitting at the next table asking us,

“Seriously, datang India makan ABC?”

“Er, sini je boleh dapat ABC."

Pak cik, we live here.



Their faces say it all HAHAHA




It’s owner is a Thailand-ian (haha) who migrated here so he could take care of his children.

And what’s his children doing here in the first place?

He sends them to one of the international schools here coz the education’s better and it’s way cheaper than Thailand.


Whoa people do that ah? Now I’m inspired to send my non-existent children to international school overseas.

Non-existent children, you guys are lucky to have me.


The food, hands down, is superb. I normally don’t eat rice (I eat rice like……once in 10 days wth) but I could finish Lan Thai’s fried rice.


Ok lah, I could only finish half of the portion. But still.