So everyone was really excited about this event.




Morning ward rounds in MICU with Dr. Deepak are precious. Besides which it never occurred to me I’d have to stand under the glaring sun when I entered EM postings.


Puteri Lilin boo.




So this is for the National Disaster Reduction Day event, where we had to demonstrate how triage is done in case of men-made disasters i.e bombing and stuff. 


Good thing also lah; I’d never know how it works otherwise.



Truly yours, as usual, in the shade.



Basically, we had to act. It was done as real as possible; with the ambulances and fake bomb blasts and injured victims.



And of course, the triage teams.

Thanking our lucky stars we weren’t the ones involved in the parade and having to stand under the heat for hours!



Erm, I don’t even know what local delicacies I’m holding. I’ve never eaten those before!



Everyone had to participate. From students to nurses to interns to PGs- and yes, even the consultants.



Topi police mana entah dia curi.




Pro– it was a good exposure for us, no doubt.

Con– Omg it was so hot! What is wrong with the weather wth.