The moment I was told I’m gonna be posted in MICU, I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Mimi-


“Mimi let’s go out this weekendddddd,”


Because unlike A & E, the posting hours in MICU is more flexible; it’s 9 am to 4 pm, still Monday to Saturday but with only once a week being on duty.


Yayyyyyy. Although I like doing extra hours because I’m skema like that. But still yayyyyy.



A huge selection of gourmet Bliss cakes, only available at Westside in Garuda Mall (haven’t been there for ages!!). As mouth-watering as they seem to be, I still prefer their outlet cakes.



Celebrated Deeba’s birthday at HKG (haven’t been there for ages too *sighs*).



Bliss cupcakes. The dark chocolate ones are really nice. The rest are……meh.



I seriously suck at candid pics. Seriously  T__T



With everyone + Chris who took this picture at Matteo.


Even with the picture above being heavily filtered, my red nose still shows T___T


I sunburnt ok! I woke up at 6 am that morning, did an hour of running plus 2 hours of basketball (which I’m not really good at but it’s fun so wth).

Evil sun.


Then I had breakfast at Bashir for over an hour, and went out with these people until 8.30 pm. And instead of going straight home and crashing on the bed, I hung out at at Kak Sha’s house until 11 pm.


That was the most relaxing day I’ve had in a month, seriously.

My life seems to revolve only around the hospital, the doctors, and the patients lately- to the point where I felt I needed a break. 


But life is good, life is good.