Now that we’re in our final year, I’m seeing a lot of changes.


One of it being my friends getting engaged/soon-to-be-married. Or pregnant (Mamai’s pregnantttttt. Congrats love! We’re so happy for you!).

Not one or two, but a whole lot of them *stretches hands as far as I could*


Whoaaa. But I guess that’s a common sight among medical students. If you wanna be posted in the same hospital for HO, then you gotta start planning now.


So the other day, a friend commented,

“Omg she’s married and pregnant. What do we have?”


Single, students, and definitely childless.


When you put it that way, well, those don’t sound too good. Yet it made me realise how different people’s expectations in life are. It made me realise how different people are. That even though we roughly want the same things, our priorities remain our own.


Before Mai got married (trendsetter yo), a friend asked me,

“One of your closest friends is getting married….you?”


Er, like this lah.

Ok so my idea of marriage is getting to wear gorgeous dresses. And I say marriage, not wedding. Shallow wth.

Ellie Saab autumn/winter 2012

Probably havta pay for this dress with my kidney. And even then it might not be enough.

There goes my spleen.



But that should give people a pretty good idea of my view on it. That is to say, I don’t give it a thought. I mean, I’d like to get married some day; have cute babies I could play dressed up with and spend my husband’s money (haha),  inshaa Allah but –


It’s something so huge, my mind couldn’t comprehend it. We’re always scared of the things we couldn’t see clearly, right? Like how I would never answer a call from a number that’s not in my contact list- just because I don’t know what to expect.

(Yeah and also because it might be the clinical coordinator/doctors calling giving us some unwanted tasks, so we gotta be careful lol)


Not so adventurous there I guess.


Maybe that’s why we need anchors. So that when the strong wind tries to sail us on the raging waves, you know you could always hold onto your anchor, have the certainty you won’t be swept away. You know, at the very least, you won’t have to go through it alone.


And maybe that’s what makes it not so scary after all.