Among the subjects I took in my 2nd year, Pathology would be my least favourite subject.


Come on, it’s Pathology.

But oddly, the one thing I remember till now is what the patho lecturer said on atherosclerosis. Well, I remember only one line lah 😛


“Our arteries start clogging as early as 10 years old.”


I was like, whattttttttt my arteries have been clogging for 12 years already I might as well die on the spot!!

Not to mention I drank Coke on a daily basis  T___T

Bury me in a grass field under a tree please. On the beach oso can.


I decided I needed to change my lifestyle. But it wasn’t until last year that I started getting serious.



Running in the heavy rain. Soaked from head to toe!


I learned that I’m no good when it comes to routine. So I made a general rule: I’ve to run at least 5 times a week, not less than an hour on any day. Whenever, wherever as long as I conformed to those.


That suits me well. Most of the days I run in the park. On the days I couldn’t make it, I run on the treadmill downstairs. The craziest I’ve done was running on the treadmill at 12 midnight.

India takde hantu- I don’t care, ghosts don’t own passports.



The face glow you only get after working out.

Er….no glow is it?


Slowly, I figured working out without watching what I ate wouldn’t work.

In a way, running shapes my meals. I can’t ditch lunch if I were to have the energy to run but at the same time I can’t over eat as well. Dinner is, er, optional.



Among my snacks. I don’t know why I love baby food? Most of them taste so good ish.



This is a snack I picked up during last Ramadhan. I needed something rich in fats as supplements and these are perfect.

Cashew nuts are rich in HDL (the good cholesterol) and raisins, well, they don’t contain cholesterol at all so yayyy.



I rarely cook but when I do- ok lah, let’s be realistic- when I fry eggs, I stick to olive oil.


And lastly, my staple food would be oat. I think I’d suffer if I have to go on an oat-fast. Whoever invented it is a genius.


I eat whatever, whenever I want- I’m not calories-obsessed but I watched over the portion of my food. Overeating isn’t cool.


On top of it all, I make sure I drink more than 2L of plain water every day. In fact, it’s my habit to order plain water even when dining out.

Except in Malaysia. Balik Malaysia I order teh tarik 24/7 wth.



Foot note: “Jogging is one of the risk factors for osteoarthritis. So don’t jog.” LOL Dr. Manohar. Moderation is the key. 5x/week isn’t moderation wtf.