In everything we do, I believe it’s supposed to bring out the good in us.


Be it in studying (ehem), or house chores, or shopping (agree!). Or even friendships. That’s what friends do I supposed. They dig out the side of you you didn’t even know you had.


Only the problem is, if that side is the one you loathe. 


These days, I feel old. I could feel my bones getting brittle and hear the cracks in my joints as I move. Ok, so I’m being dramatic.


The point is, I find myself having less and less time to deal with craps. I simply don’t have the time to wait for changes to occur anymore- when something is not to my liking, there’s no point in arguing; it’s easier to just walk away.


When someone brings out the bad side of you, then I say ditch it. There’s no point sticking around trying to mend it at the cost of yourself. You can do only so much; once it crosses the line, it’s time to take your leave.


Life is short enough as it is, I wouldn’t want to spend it with people I’ve to find the patience to deal with each time- even if it means hurting them. Seriously, who cares?


Roger and out.