During Aidiladha, one of the juniors approached me for a picture.


Then she said shyly, “Kakak, I’ve admired you since the first year.”

The first thing that came to my mind was, OMG I’M ANCIENT!

The second was, AWWWWWWW that’s so sweet!  😀

And the third was, Seriously? Me? Ok this is so embarrassing.


Sadly, I’ve no pictures from this year’s Aidiladha  :(  Most of our friends went back home for the holidays and I was cladding around casually in flip flops so yeah. But alhamdulillah, we still had fun! And I ate like a hippo wtf.


Must.  Lose.  Weight.




I can’t cook to save my life (ok, I probably could) and I know it’s unorthodox to bake peanut butter cupcakes for Aidiladha but I’ve been dying to try these out.


And they’re yummy! Well, you know, the higher the wicker basket I could lift, the better. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri- killing the BM proverb wahahaha.


The louder I could blow my own trumpet, the more awesome LOL.




With chocolate frosting! Decorated them like crazy because when else I’m gonna use all the cake deco I brought from Malaysia.




These have got to be my favourite biscuits in the whole world. They’re for 6+ months- I’m 6+ months.

Tq Aida for getting these for me! INDIA Y U NO HAVE BABY RUSK????




Zie, as usual, got me a shitload of things when I only wanted Yeo’s kaya  :D 

The most awesome thing is not only did my friends buy me bread from Malaysia without me asking them; all of them bought me wheat/multigrain bread because they know how I’m such a health-conscious freak *touched*


You know what they say; the whiter your bread, the faster you die. Although I think that’s crap. My dad has gout because he ate too much multigrain bread. Apparently they’re rich in uric acid. Lesson of the day.




And finally, me! Lol. This was the time when I felt excited about finally wearing tudung bawal for the first time to class in years (though the, uh, expression depicts otherwise. But I assure you I was happy!).


This week has been an emotional turmoil, it’s so frustrating gah. But we gotta keep our spirits up! Once you break down, it’s hard to mend.

Study study study.