I hate it when my mind gets all philosophical.


When you’re a woman, you can’t help but think a lot. Like one-whole-week’s worth of laundry A LOT.


Most of the time I brushed these away. But of the things that really matter, they still managed to make me turned and tossed around in bed night after night.


When it comes to following the heart or the head, I realised it doesn’t matter. Because either way, someone will still end up getting hurt. Intention doesn’t necessarily dictate actions. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what is wrong and right.

It becomes a matter of principle.


While it’s true judgement begins from the first look, well then, I guess that’s the lowest anyone could stoop. Judging isn’t done by one’s action alone; you gotta consider everything that makes a person. His family, the upbringing, the childhood, the home he’d lived in, the environment he’d grown up in, the experiences he’d gone through.


Everyone has a reason for being the person he/she is. Once you’ve totalled everything, and I mean everything, then you could start forming your opinions. And trust me, once you’ve done this, judging becomes too subjective, it borders towards the impossible. 


You’ll be surprised to discover most of the time the action itself becomes acceptable- still annoying, still absurd, but somewhat acceptable.

Take your time to understand what makes a person, rather than what that person does.


“When you carry a lamp, you are seen before you can see. Besides which in the dark a lamp only serves to blind you to all but its feeble circle of light.”

-The Japanese Lover, Rani Manicka


Not usually my kind of songs but somehow, this guy is my newest addiction.