My birthday celebration I mean.


But one month later pun layannnn.



It’s Alia’s birthday yesterday! Happy 22nd Alia!! 😀



With my adik.

Getting to tease her is my motivation to go to school everyday wahahaha.







I wrote here how I planned to bring candles in my bag…you know, just in case.

Well, I did! HAHA!!

The surprised look on everyone’s face was pretty amusing lol.



I dunno about other courses, but in Medicine, your posting batch is the (only) faces you see everyday. Bosan ek.

These people are the ones yang rajin melayan my diva ways each day haha.

Mind you, these are also the same people who forced me to watch ghost/psychotic movies on a regular basis pfftttt.



Stupid face #5629


Now I’ll tell you the story of my cake.

Last year I only got half a cake from these people. So this year, I demanded for a whole Praline cheesecake (kata diva *flips hair). So a day before, I reminded them to buy the cakes at Mantri Mall just in case UB City didn’t have full ones.


But they wanted to buy the cakes at UB City. And now look at my cake!! It’s missing one slice 😦


But I still love you guys lah haha. Dah cakap diorang rajin melayan my absurd ways LOL. Thanks 😀

but one full cake next year please



The real birthday girl! *looking enviously at Alia’s whole cake*





Om nom nom







Belon wanted this picture because she said, “OMG lawa gambar ni. NAK.”

When what she actually meant was, I look gorgeous in this pic I want it thx.”

I’ve known her for 3 years od, can read her inside out od.







This would be my fav white shirt. It has a twist with the kimono flap and it’s modest.

But it takes me 30 minutes to iron each time so……


Yesterday was Lord Ganesh’s birthday. And today there’s a nation-wide strike (something about the price of petrol/gas).


So 2 days of holidays, AWESOME!!!


Except that my EOP’s next Tues so I need to study boo kthxbye.