I was one of the people who are blessed with good skin.


Note that I used past tense, thanks.


The most chronic case for me would be having a pimple once in a couple of months. I didn’t really have to do much with my skin, it’s fine as it was.

Ah, life was good.


Unfortunately, that lasted until I started my 4th year of MBBS; I started having breakouts. Must be the stress of studying (yeah, right. As if. More like hormones pfft).


So on one not so sunny day, I looked at my face in the mirror, and repulsed by my own sight, decided to visit the dermatologist pronto.


On my first visit, the doctor prescribed me some medication and suggested I do chemical peeling and microdermabrasion in the next 10 days or so.


I er, only returned there after a month. Because I was afraid of having to do the procedures leh! I’ve seen pictures of the post-procedure and trust me, they’re not pretty.


But that morning, again, on impulse, I agreed to do them there and then.

My impulse and I, we’re BFF wtf.



This is immediately after doing chemical peeling and microderm.

My face looks shiny, but apart from that, almost normal.



I seriously look like a chipmunk weh. Though chipmunk is prettier.

Anyway, this is still on Day 1.

By evening, my face becomes a bit reddish and scabs start to form.



Might as well smile when my face is already so ugly lah.

Close up, this is how it looks.

You wouldn’t wanna go anywhere at this point 😛



This is on Day 2.

The scabs are well formed by then.

Here, patience is crucial. DO NOT peel the scabs off. Do that, and it’ll prone to go for scarring.

They’ll go by themselves soon enough, trust me.

Just…don’t look at the mirror lol.


Day 3 is pretty much the same. The healing period is different for everyone but for me, my face starts clearing up by night time. I usually wash my face gently with warm water and the scabs would fall off.

Some might won’t, so don’t force them. Let them be.


By Day 4:


The scabs disappeared completely. Magicccccccc!!! Ok lah, not magic. That’s

normal healing pathology. But I like magic better.


The pictures above are from my 3rd session so they’re not looking that bad. The first time I did them was so much worst. I find that as I undergo more sessions, the less horrendous my face looks after that.


Now, I get this question a lot.




Seriously, if my skin were that flawless, would I be subjecting myself willingly through all those? Seriously??  True, my “acne” was confined to having 2-3 pimples  and few blemishes at most. But comparing that to one year ago, that’s a big deal for me ok!


Not only that, my friends complimented me on my glowing skin right after the first session (they say one ah, not me. I didn’t even notice it wtf T__T)


And lastly, I don’t get breakouts anymore and my blemishes reduced visibly.


I’m saying it worked wonderfully for me; I’M NOT RECOMMENDING THESE TO ANYONE. Whether you wanna do them is completely up to you. It’s better if you get consultation beforehand (because there are a lot of DIY chemical peeling products nowadays).


This is such a long post *yawns*

Alright, that’s it! I’m done!