This is how I pack:




Tell Kak Us what I wanna bring and she’d compile and pack them for me. Every single time. God I love her.




My idea of doing so is throw everything in the suitcase, sit on it and zipped it up. Tadah! Only of course, that doesn’t work if the suitcase is jammed pack with stuff pfft.


There was that time when we were packing up to head back to India from our Europe trip and my suitcase just wouldn’t close no matter how I arranged my things (I came there with 12 kg, I went back with 40 kg).

And then I broke down and cried and wailed, “I want Kak Us waaaaa.” And then MJ took pity on me and helped me wtf.


So yes, I’m hopeless. Kak Us decides what goes in which suitcase. Not only that, she’d do a demo packing the day before my flight to see if everything fits and make sure they’re not overweight.


Excellent service. I give her 10 stars. 




Home-made burger my older bro made for me on my last day at home. He’s getting more humane these last few years, I must say.


I suspect he stole all my cooking genes (tho I believe mum doesn’t have much to begin with anyway *coughs*) coz his dishes are always superb. Haih.


BRO: Sa your burger is done! Saaaaaaaa

ME: Just a minute! I’m packing!!!! *annoyed*

BRO: *appears at the doorway, saw me lounging on the bed* No you’re not. Kak Us is.

ME: Can’t you see I’m supervising the whole process???


Seriously, there’s not much difference is there? Sheesh.