I love Sunday mornings.


The mornings only lah, the nights, I hate T__T

There’s a relaxing atmosphere, somehow. Like it’s taboo to exert myself on such a day *flexes toes* Which is good, considering I find it so hard to study lately boo.




InsyaAllah, 2 more excruciatingly slow dragging days 😀




A few days ago a friend ordered some desserts from me. Which is kindda out of the blue because it’s not like I’m selling or anything; I just like making ‘em. But oh my it was such an excited moment for me! And honoured too!


I mean, a year ago, who would have trusted me to feed them???

Can la if you wanna suffer from indigestion LOL.



I so have got to buy a piping bag! These look so messy!


So yay! Thanks thanks thanks for being my first customer 😀

I’m now open for business! (finally!) Future orders could be made by contacting…..me. Haha. But it depends on my schedule lah. If I happen to have seminar/exams during the said time, I’m sorry, it’s a no 😦




Anyway! I made these babies last Sunday. Cream puffs were actually the first thing I knew how to make!! So nostalgic.




I actually bought the largest syringe available at my hospital pharmacy to inject the filling in. It worked BUT I could only put a small amount into the puffs. Tak puas la makan *sighs*

So no syringe forever.


Ok I lapar.