It’s the monsoon season.


And with it, I find myself once again fixed in front of the laptop, browsing the weather channel. Eyes cast towards the darkened clouds outside, wondering whether there’d really be a downpour.


But regardless of it all, I still find myself putting on my running shoes and braced the weather, wearing a sweater for good measures.

It might rain, it might not. Screw it.


That’s how I am.


I could sit in the room for hours, all the while pondering on whether it’d rain. Before I know it, the moment has passed, and guess what, IT DIDN’T EVEN RAIN PFFFFFTT.  A day wasted. And with it, come regrets. Then I’d have to go on the treadmill instead haih.


I’ve seen a lot of people doing this. Contemplating, contemplating, and contemplating. Most of the time it’s unnecessary. I’m a YES/NO kind of person. I simplify life, no matter how complicated it seems. You won’t come across a zig zag of charts in my life.


OBG exams 5 days in a row? Whatever. Stress oso you get what. Redah je lah.


But some do the exact opposite; they tend to complicate the simple things.


Consequences are something we should contemplate; it shouldn’t be an obsession. But to even have consequences, you have to first put yourself out there. Otherwise you’d end up sitting on that same chair, wondering on the same things over and over again. In the mean time, the world has gone by, and you’re still rooted on the same spot.


What have you achieved again?

Oh yeah, nothing.


True, there’s nothing wrong with weighing the pros and cons, but you gotta do something at some point, right? I’m not suggesting rushing blindly into things. That seems rash….or even blatantly stupid, pardon my language.

It’s taking a step forward with an inkling of knowing where you might land and believing things, insyaAllah, would work out on their own.




You can think however much you want, but unless you act on it, you’ll never know what might happen, could never know how people will react. We tend to spend weeks, months wondering what our friends/parents/family are gonna say, but surprise is always an element to be considered in humans.


Yeah, we humans are annoying like that.


Sometimes, all it takes is a small leap of faith. A belief in what the present has to offer, regardless of what the future threatens to bring. 


So say bismillah, and jump  🙂