“If the scarf hanger could scream out loud with the weight you’re putting on it, it would,”.



That remark couldn’t have been more accurate  =_____=”

One ring has about 4-5 scarves layered on top of another; there’re 24 rings. Do your math.



And recently I’ve bought another 4. How this.


Today I’d finally decided to trim it all off. It’s time to be ruthless! No sayang-sayang!



These are all I’ve worn once or twice or never at all. I never even knew I had that plain gold one on top wtf.

Mainly because I don’t feel comfortable with the material i.e the pashmina ones. So I tend not to wear them.

Sungguh, pembaziran yang nyata T__T


But but but I happen to have a sister who, unlike me, wears mostly pashmina. So most of them will go to Zatyfaty ^^

So not that membazir after all *coughs*


Having a sister who has similar style and size rocks! Like, if I were to buy something, I’d think,

“If I don’t really feel like wearing this later I’ll just give it to Zatyfaty,”

See see. I get to shop but it won’t be a waste at all. It’s a win-win situation!



This is after I’ve trimmed it down (you ingat rambut what). Better lah right? Right??

I’ve put aside 25 shawls; I couldn’t get rid of much more leh. Later it’ll be botak.



I made butter rolls last night and get this, they’re sooooo simple to make and they’re really good!!



You can get the full recipe here. But I’d recommend putting less sugar; it was a tad to sweet for me.

Other than that, it’s perfect 😀