So I couldn’t sleep. I’m having middle insomnia- which is a sign of depression (this is what you get post-psychiatry; you start diagnosing yourself on the simplest things wth).


Not that I’m depressed. I guess I’m just overworked because my body aches T__T And I’m hungry T__T


So no running today. Go shopping instead HAHAHA.


Life has been a routine nowadays, thanks to OBG. Wake up, go to school, come back home, go for a run, revise the said portion, sleep.


But let’s not talk about that.


Some weeks back, I was supposed to be on a self-imposed hiatus from baking because I’d baked so much before that. When something you like tires you, then it’s not that much fun anymore.


So a month of hiatus it was!! *determined*


Only 2 weeks into my hiatus, I woke up from a nap, browsed some recipes on Google, and went to the supermarket on impulse.



Hiatus my foot =___=”



I made banana muffins. Which is one of the simplest recipes on earth.



Because banana muffins were too simple, I made these as well; sausage muffins.

I brought these to class for breakfast the next day and surprisingly they got raving reviews from my posting-mates.


I think they’re just meh. But bukan I yang makan pun so it’s ok lah.




With Summer Sweat approaching, somehow one thing led to another and we found ourselves getting into the food and drinks business.


This reminds me so much of my usahawan days! Only back then we didn’t make anything ourselves; we sold ready-made stuff.


No one was really in it for money; we just thought we’d have fun playing mak cik and pak cik kantin together. So none of us anticipated how tiring it’d be!



One of our menus was Nasi ayam janda madu wth I’m not really sure of the name.

I’m not really picky when it comes to food usually; as long as chicken tastes like chicken it’s good enough for me lah but I have to say these are so good!



Unfortunately for me that evening I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted  T___T  So during the whole thing I was constantly on painkillers and applying ice onto my cheeks.

And my cheeks swelled twice the size tq very much.



We managed to make 100 cups of red velvet and sausage muffins ^^



The state of my house was….indescribable. Post-psychiatry, I now know I’m a washer and a checker (OCD). So that night my emotional turmoil upon seeing the mess was a battle itself *sighs*




Funnily enough, the idea to decorate the cupcakes came from one of the guys. Because these were so cute, we re-did all the cupcakes decoration LOL memang takde kerja.



LOOK AT THE MESS *hysterical*


And because I’m so nice *coughs* I’ll give you the recipe for my sausage muffins!



This is basically it. Just throw anything you want into the batter and bake them *hopeless recipe giver*


Ok la so what I put in are:

1 packet of sausages (fried beforehand)

8 eggs

1 large onion

3 tomatoes

200 g grated cheese (to put in the batter and on top)


BBQ sauce

Hot sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Baked at 175 C for 20 minutes.


The trick is to have ample eggs. Because they’re gonna hold your batter together and make it rise (yes, it rises! Magic!).


Ok now you can do them yourself instead of giving me the puppy-eye (I’ve been making them thrice in 3 weeks! Bosan dah).