I had a brutal weekend last week.


With all the house chores and makan-makan and baking and stuff, I barely had enough time to rest  T__T


So today I qada’ tido dengan hebat. Slept at 3.15 am last night and woke up at 12.40 pm today. Took a bath, prayed, ate lunch, read story book, and slept again from 2 pm to 4.40 pm. Woke up and went for my run.

(I did not bunk class! My exam was on last Friday so I get 2 days off before the next one on Weds)


I was only awake for an hour plus epic or not haha!


Anyway, stuff I did during the weekend!




Celebrated Imah’s birthday at Mainland of China in Orion Mall. An awesome new mall hooyah!!









Moment gile!! Am I an awesome photographer or what haha! Tasha’s gonna kill me when she sees this so I better start digging my grave now wth.



Sad face epic fail T___T



Ni baru macam camera I banyak my pictures HAHA.



With soulmate *blows nose on a tissue*




#2 Had lunch with my batchmates on Saturday


Menu was seafood. We had butter crabs, steamed fish and er, I-dunno-what-dish-clams which btw, WAS COOKED BY ME *flips hair*



Surprised Imah with chocolate brownies on Saturday night.


I would say this is PERFECT. It’s crunchy on the outside but gooey and chewy on the inside.

Well, my friends did say I’m narcissistic haha. I’ll accept that as a compliment thank you thank you.

The only problem I had with this was that it tend to stick to the baking paper. But Mimi suggested I used foil so Imma try that next time.




Pictures are all stolen from Mimi’s instagram I LOVE YOU MIMI XOXO



Baked carrot cake (again!) for a friend’s husband-to-be’s birthday (awwww) on Sunday afternoon.



When Mai offered to pay me I was like, are you crazy you’re my friend what this pay pay. Maybe I’ll accept orders in the future, but not now 🙂


Ooooh, yesterday while doing this I had the idea to put the icing (cream cheese) in the fridge beforehand. And alhamdulillah it was certainly easier to spread on the cake! Less messy, certainly.

So if your icing is a bit runny, you can try popping it in the fridge for 10 minutes 🙂


I’d love to have it studded with only edible silver balls all over but then I had to remind myself this was supposed to be a guy’s cake.



Next time, insyaAllah!