Before you ask, I just feel like writing. Ok, tipu. I’m dead exhausted but it’s still too early too sleep.


I’m so not an early sleeper. Pastu esok kat kelas mengantuk wtf  =____=”

Dah la psychiatry. PSYCHIATRY ok.

Aish, stressu!



Sometime last week was Zie’s birthday. And someone whose birthday wasn’t even hers requested for carrot cake. Again.


Because everyone likes it so much, this time I made a huge ass one.




This cake is still the most requested cake- which is bothersome because there are still a lot of recipes out there I’m dying to try!!


But I can’t deny it’s good *flips hair*




I brought those candles from Malaysia because, believe it or not, I’m planning to carry them around in my bag during my birthday (which isn’t long now *coughs*) for my future birthday cakes.


You know, just in case my friends decide to surprise me, I could just reach into my bag and say, “Hey, look! I happen to have some candles here!!”

They don’t usually give candles with birthday cakes here. And I like my cakes with candles coz they’re so festive!!!


Berwawasan jauh or not me HAHA.




The deco this time is carrot flowers!! And some edible stones and almond.

I suck at making carrot flowers =____=”




The other thing I baked last week were these; Black Bottom cupcakes. Because they really have black bottoms lol.



It’s gooey chocolate based with baked cream cheese mixed with choc chips and topped with cream cheese icing.



In short, they’re laden with calories.

In short, if you eat them everyday you’ll be obese in no time.




Alright! There you go!

Now I can go to sleep. Sweet dreams!