For the first time in 4 years, we celebrated Ain’s birthday on the day itself.


Because thanks to the new system, there isn’t any Profesional exam lurking nearby this year. Even thinking about it makes me winced.


Went to HKG to celebrate. Didn’t take any picture because…..I dined there every week. And the cake came later anyway.



Happy 23rd birthday Ain!





Muka baru bangun tidur, hooyah.



This time I made steamed red velvet. I like this one better because steamed cakes usually turn out to be more moist and it’s more compact.




It’s Holi-day (Festival of Colours) today and thus is a holiday for lucky people like me hehe. It isn’t an official off day but my doctor isn’t in so hooray!


Another day at home, another day to waste.

2 weeks to exams, ouch.