Might I just say,




A  rhetorical question, not a statement. It’s 34 degrees nowadays, bloody hell.




Without realising it, I’ve been running almost everyday for more than 6 months now *fireworks* Over time, I’ve upped my running to at least 7 km per day, five times a week.

I run under the scorching sun. I run in the rain. I run through cold and cough.


If going out meant I’d miss my daily run, then I’d rather stay at home. It’s the best therapy. Nothing fuels me better than anger and frustrations. The more depressed I am, the further I run.


Were I that committed towards my studies, I’d have gotten distinction by now =_____=” But then again, you can’t have too many smart people in this world. It imbalances life *coughs*


Quite an achievement for someone who used to think sweating was unnatural.




These have been my companions over the past 2 and a half years, maybe even longer. I bought them back during the starting of 2nd year when I first picked up running.


The soles have thinned out, parts of it are torn, and the other day I realised the white of my socks was peeking out.


This is the first time I’ve exhausted a pair of shoes!  *proud*


So I decided it’s time to change.



Lunar Eclipse 2


I’ve been eyeing these for months (2 months is considered as months right?) but heck were they expensive T___T


Dad was like why you so frugal one I give you the money you go and buy shuh shuh. Arigatou goizaimasu! *teary eyes*


Oh but how I love these!! They’re lightweight and comfortable. The first time I stepped in them it felt like walking on cushions. Airmax are more comfy but they’re not that light either, seeing as they’re built for an all-rounder. And they’re much more expensive as well T__T


So if you’re looking for a pair of running shoes, I’d say these are perfect 😀