You’re no longer 22 please don’t pollute the surrounding we 22 year-olds are living in.



Mimi is THE most gullible person I’ve ever known. She’s blur most of the time and so that makes surprising her easy.


Every year also she’s surprised =_____=”

Which is good also lah. Heheheh.



This time we did everything under her nose and still she couldn’t guess!

(what did I say about her being gullible?)

I was the decoy, hanging out with her in her room while the others sneaked in quietly and prepared the living room.


Then I bullied her, “Mimi I nak tea,” which wasn’t anything out of normal considering I do that all the time *shifty eyed*



When she opened her bedroom door TADAHHHHH



The party poppers are annoying! Selalu tak popped at the exact moment!



Birthday cake is homemade again. Alright I’m now open for orders!!

Just kidding. No way man.





Kak Sha’s the only one properly dressed! Everyone else were in their PJs lol.



My handicraft skills are gone with my high school days. Look so ugly one T___T



A feast! MJ made soto! I would say that was the first time I ate soto I DUNNO WHAT I’VE BEEN EATING ALL THESE YEARS IN MALAYSIA #loser



Fairy godmother. She forgot her wand in her room.



The cake matched with the carpet wth



Post-birthday photo shoot in PJs







Bean Sprout & Flower


We watched Disturbia on tv that night and- WHAT WAS I DOING HERE WATCHING THIS MOVIE???– was exactly my thought! I hate thrillers as much as I hate ghost movies!


I know people always say, “It’s just a movie DUHHH.” but it’s never just a movie! Why do you think Hollywood producers and actors are squillonaires? And don’t lie and say you don’t give two hoots about the Oscars. Because it’s never just a movie.


DUH you back.