This is my kitchen. And this is how I like it.






One of the things I never missed doing everyday is just that; tidying up the kitchen. I like it clean and tidy at all times. Even the sight of a mug sitting innocently on the kitchen counter could spark my annoyance.


I suspect I have Kitchen OCD  T___T


Like this morning I went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast but then I saw the plates piling up in the sink and before I knew it I’d spend an hour plus scrubbing the kitchen counter and God knows what else that took me so long.


Last last I forgot to eat breakfast wth.


One of my friends asked me (while I was obsessively wiping some imaginary dust off the floor),

“You’re wearing slippers. How the hell do you know there’s dust there? I don’t see anything.”

“I just know.” *pursed lips*


Kak Us would be so proud of me!!!



My new The Love of My Life!! My housemate got it for me after she saw me scrubbing mercilessly at the stubborn greases on the kitchen wall. This stuff is fab!


I couldn’t tolerate messiness. And that I see as a flaw at times. I tend to clean as I bake(can’t say cook here). But some people like saving that for later. And, well, there’s no harm in that actually.


But sometimes (well, most of the time really) when I see the pots and pans left on the stove unwashed for days, it makes me wonder who do they expect to wash those. I mean, they’re not gonna walk by themselves into the sink and get themselves scrubbed clean right?


Got ah pots and pans like that? If got I want a set kthxbye.


Because let’s face it, we’re adults. And being adults means we bear responsibilities. And correct me if I’m wrong but I believe responsibilities start here right at home.

If you can’t even wash your own plate, macam mana mau kawen macam itu?


But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, common sense isn’t that common nowadays. What can’t be avoided must be endured. And with endurance there must be sincerity. Or else it’s all hard work for nothing.


So the next time you see the mugs and plates dumped in the sink, see it as an opportunity to make a good deed.

You’ll have a clean kitchen and extra pahala lol.


Who knows I’ll finally have toned arms from all the scrubbing. Triple yay!