I’m probably one of the people who are bonkers about caramel popcorn.


If there’s no caramel popcorn in Inox, there’s no point in watching a movie. My falsafah hidup wtf.

I love the caramel popcorn here much more than the ones in Malaysia. Sebab Malaysia kedekut caramel =______=”


But the downside here is that the popcorn are sold inside the cineplex. Which means we only get to eat it when we watch a movie T___T

Or when we’re crazy enough to buy a movie ticket, go inside, buy caramel popcorn, go out. Been there, done that more than enough times 😀



This would be after watching Tangled, when Mimi and I were badly disappointed caramel popcorn wasn’t available, it almost spoiled the movie. Luckily Tangled was super awesome.

Then the day after that an angel named Miu Miu came knocking on my door with this in hand.

Were you a devil with caramel popcorn, you’re an angel in my eyes.



Then a friend went out of her way and bought these with her from Malaysia!!! I told you I’m blessed with awesome friends whose priority is to fatten me up, alhamdulillah  😀



Not one type of popcorn, but TWO.



TGV Popcorn Royale, a popcorn edition released in conjunction with Mission Impossible 4.



The large Caramel Crisp of Garret popcorn (they’ve recently opened their first branch in Malaysia in KLCC). You see the box behind it? Yup, it’s as tall as the box. Crazy.



Look at how each popcorn is perfectly coated with caramel!!!!!!! Some more so fat one!!! *salivates*


The thing with these popcorn is that they’re overly sweet. So I could only eat a little at a time. Too much sunshine makes a desert *sighs*

But they’re still yummy though!



And the things she bought for me without me even asking her to! They’re basically the 3 things I love in life; bread, caramel popcorn and baking *touched*


Oh, and don’t mind Tabes Mesenterica. It’s only there for decoration purpose. Tabes mesenterica wth. Only when Aida first gave it to me I thought it looked like a lymph node (is actually a monkey).

So I named it Tabes Mesenterica ^^