A friend dared me to post this picture up:



That’s one of my troll faces. I think I still look demure *pukes out blood*

Eleh. You think I no dare is it. Lepas jog kot. Standard la berpeluh. Takkan tiba-tiba lawa pulak.



Had lunch at HKG a few weeks back. Now why do I love this pic? Because usually I’d be the one caught with that kind of expression but this time it’s Mimi. MIMI YO. She’s like, photogenic forever.

So yes, I’m proud to say this is one of my accomplishments. Thank you thank you *bows*



We dine here at least once a week because it’s close by to Sindhi. Dah la asyik order benda sama. The waiters all know us by now dah T__T



A group of Koreans were celebrating their friend’s birthday at the next table. And they had the courtesy to give a few slices of the cake to us.




Dunno why I was so happy. Must have been retarded at that time.



Was at Mantri Mall when they happened to have this event.

Ok, I lied.

I was there since morning and when I read the poster that Cinderella would be making her appearance at 4 pm, I painstakingly waited until then.

It’s Cinderella ok!!!!

But no matter how hard I tried (and trust me I tried hard), I still couldn’t get a close-up picture of her. How come only kids were allowed to queue up for a picture???? I oso want!




Because I’m a genius like that. Say hello to my sneakers.



Do I even need to put a caption for this picture? HI BALLOON.



Erase all the ugly pictures you’ve seen of me above from your mind. This is what I called strategy.

It’s my blog, I’m allowed to be vain kthxbye.