One could probably call me a commitment-phobe.


I don’t know. Maybe. Whatever.


But somehow, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Those afraid of commitments are always deemed irresponsible. And maybe some of them are, I wouldn’t know. But not all of them (us), definitely.


I certainly don’t see myself as an irresponsible person. I don’t see myself as someone who fools around biding my time until reality sets in that I’ll finally have to take charge of my life and of those around me.


If we were to speak of the truest sense of the word commitment, it’s that and so much more. And to be honest, I’m scared because I don’t feel as if I’d be able to carry them well. At least, not at this stage of my life. I’d rather take the years off to prepare myself for what’s coming, even if it’ll take much longer. I’d want to do it properly.


Because let’s face it, commitments, well, they could be frightening really. It’s not just about yourself anymore. There’s no you, I. There’s only us and we. To be responsible not only of yourself but that of another person as well, whoa. Now that’s serious business.


I believe that’s how it is for most people I know. I’m stressing on that because I could judge these people’s characters, have known and befriended them for quite some time and could come to the conclusion that they’re not the type to fool around.


The thing is, if these people are really scared of commitments, they wouldn’t commit to any relationship whatsoever in the first place. Especially not a long-term one, albeit it not being permanent for life. For them to choose to commit, even if it’s not wholefully, that says something about a person doesn’t it?


Some are afraid to be weighed down, no doubt. But some, I believe, are genuinely giving their best.


I could be wrong for all I know, but this is my view on the whole commitment stuff.

But well, to each their own I guess.