I don’t know whether you’ve ever met that someone.


That someone who seems to remember every fault you’ve committed, who has a mental notebook written with all the mistakes you’ve made, who could repeat your flaws on automated mode in one snap of a finger.


You have? I pity you. I pity myself as well.


It’s not that I’m not open to criticism. Honest to say, I’m one of the people I know who doesn’t mind being criticised (because I am tak malu like that). Provided it’s for my benefit and not for you to gloat on.

Because seriously, how else am I supposed to learn?


But if you’re pointing them out just to show how much superior you are compared to me, then don’t complain if I tend to deflect every bit of it. You don’t know me dude, so don’t delude yourself into thinking you do. Just because you’ve talked to me for 10 minutes, it doesn’t give you the right to judge my character.


People like these get on my nerves.

Oh they think they’re so wise, there’s no way they’d trip over their own mistakes because hey, they don’t have any! They’re just so perfect overall, I imagine there isn’t any moment when their parents aren’t proud of them.


Really. Get over yourself. You make me puke.


I could be stubborn-headed at times. I talk a lot, laugh a lot, gossip a lot. But you know what? You don’t see me pointing out everyone’s mistakes every 5 seconds. You don’t see me strutting my beliefs like a saint just so I could say how good of a person I am compared to you.


Yeah, I’ve my own flaws. I know that. Point taken. But hey, you seem to forget something- you’re far from perfect either. Only unlike you, I’m nice enough not to spit everything onto your face.


There goes my respect for you. It’s pretty much non-existence in the first place, but now it’s about to become petroleum.


Go dig it out.