I’m a couple of days late (3, to be exact) but oh well.


Happy 2012 everyone 🙂


It seems odd seeing the numbers 2012 written everywhere yet somehow there’s a natural feeling to it.


I guess I’ll miss 2011 😦

If I could choose 3 moments I’d remember it by, these would be it:




Passing the 2nd Professional exam!  Breezed through the 3rd year and without knowing it I’m now in the 4th year, alhamdulillah. Here’s praying I’ll be an awesome doctor someday ^^




Disneyland Paris 2011

(which I never got around blogging pffft)


Dubai + Europe Tour :)  Am looking forward to wherever this year would bring me! I hope it’s somewhere meaningful, insyaAllah.



Now this would be the winner hands down.




Cried during the birthday celebration held by my batch mates because for the first time ever, I had to share a birthday cake with someone else. Even if I’d gotten 3 other bday cakes this year

Bloody hell Nisa. GROW UP.


(I actually cried because I was touched but of course, no one would believe it. That birthday cake story sells better so we’ll stick to that).


Getting half a cake instead of one is like people telling you, hey, your existence is only half-important to us   T______T *cries buckets of tears*



Oh wait, there’s a number 4. Whoops.




All I can say is, thank you for making 2011 a memorable year 🙂


So 2012, you’ve got a lot to live up to! You better work hard and not disappoint me ah.


Now. When’re the sales starting???