I’d just spend RM 640 on……


Well, I wish I could say I’d spend it on a fabulous pair of heels, but much disappointingly, I didn’t 😦


That was the fee for changing my flight tickets home.


home alone shocked


I bought the tickets about a week ago to go home on the 4th of Jan (yes, that’s a week from now). I never bunked classes just so I could go home. I didn’t even go home during the holidays when I should. I’m not so much of a home person so when I decided to go back,  my parents mellowed down and gave me the green light.




Get that. I’m 22 years old (going on 23) and I still need my parents’ permission to skip classes!

Nevermind that my batchmates are doing it on a regular basis. Balik Malaysia macam balik kampung.




Then the day after I’ve bought the tickets the uni changed the schedule (yet again) and my parents adamantly refused to let me bunk classes!!


Even if it cost them RM 640. Pwoarghhhhh the things I could buy with that money!!!!

I hyperventilated for about 10 minutes before coming to term with it. Whatever la janji dah tukar tiket to April. The things you do for your parents *sighs*





P.S: Whatever happened to the girl who couldn’t care less about spending her parents’ money??? I need her back ASAP!

P.P.S: I’m sick of apologising for going on hiatus now and then so from now on, I’ll blog whenever I’ll blog.