Just as I was about to pat myself on the back for writing regularly, I’d sink back into oblivion.


Ah well.


I would say I’m quite proud of my immune system, alhamdulillah. I rarely get sick even with my habits of sampling street food (and this is India) and my frequent inability to wash my hands before eating- which is gross, I know. But someone needs to get my immunity into working, no?


The other day when my mum called,

MUM: What’re you doing?

NISA: I’m munching.

MUM: You didn’t wash your hands before that, did you?




But somewhere above God must be saying,

“Uh-oh this year’s almost up and her sick quota isn’t up yet! Right, give her a sprinkle of cough, add in some flu, tone down on the fever though…but go all out on the sore throat. Perfect, that should do it.”




Which is why I was really really grumpy today. I kept biting people’s heads off  😦 which isn’t very nice even I say so myself.


Arghhh I’m still so pissed off now!!! I thought a whole day of thrashing around like a drunken monster was enough, but probably not. Might as well let all the steam out.


Or maybe I should just cracked my head further by starting on the surgery logbook.


I’m so nice I’m giving you a retarded picture of mine to laugh at,



And those aren’t my shades, hence the yakuza look kthxbye.