Sorry, this isn’t the gruesome post I was talking about.

We’ll save that for another day, shall we?


At least I’m back from hiatus! Now that’s one good news!


Woke up at 6.30 am and was greeted by a grey and wet day. Why is it always raining lately?? It’s not supposed to rain! It screws with my early-morning-weekend jog! But I went nevertheless.

Rain promises less crowd and solitude like no others. Happy.


So anyway. Sissy and I (Zie doesn’t count, you’ll know why soon enough) went to the book fair yesterday! A lot of people confused it with the Bangalore Book Festival (which is going on now), but it’s not! It’s just a small non-publicised book fair which we happened to stumble upon.



Look at Sissy spoiling my picture.



When we saw the Rs 50 per book sign outside, we assumed it was just a promotional gimmick. How can all the books be Rs 50 pfft.

Then I asked one of the staff and he said yes, all books are Rs 50. And then I told Sissy and for a while we were just giddy.

RM 3 for each book!!!!

If there’s a heaven on earth, this must be it.



Look at the amount of books! God, we practically went berserk! I wanted to buy everything!



Encyclopaedias priced at Rs 300 each. Dirt cheap!!



And cook books! Even if I didn’t cook, I wanted these for my shelves! They look so pretty being hard-cover and all…



My haul that day :)  24 books!



After that we just couldn’t stop laughing! Man, I can’t remember the last time I felt that exhilarating.


While Sissy and I bought enough books to last for a year, Zie bought a total of….wait for it-

3 books.

1, 2, 3 books.

I I I books.


How could she just buy 3 books when they’re so cheap?? HOW????

Even then 2 of them weren’t for her! But she waited patiently while Sissy and I took almost 2 hours thumbing through the books. And that’s only coz it’s cheap- we practically dumped everything that looked interesting into our baskets. Had it been the usual prices, we’d have taken double the time T__T


And then I went back there again today and got myself another 5 books ahem. So cheap ok who could resist.



Book collection in Bangalore. Minus the ones people borrowed from me.



Books bought 2 weeks ago, waiting to be read.



Books I don’t know where to put. No space dah.



So. Bailey & Love mau baca bila?