It’s a holiday today! At least, for us posted in Sindhi Hospital.


Something about celebrating it’s 50th anniversary/grand opening stuff I’m not really sure lah. I gotta say I love October and November!! So many public holidays (at least a day each week yo)!


Though that doesn’t make any difference for us in Surgery. We dragged ourselves to the hospital during the weekends regardless. When else could patients undergo surgery if not during the holidays?


So that’s where I should be this morning. Only when I was revising Bailey & Love at the crack of dawn while wiping my runny nose, did it occur to me

Runny nose cannot enter the OT.


So I shut the book closed and went back to sleep FML. But it’s a welcoming rest; 3 weeks into Surgery and already I have eye bags. Wonder how the surgeons do it. Now even the cauterisation of human flesh smells like KFC to me wtf.



Squids. That’s what I feel like whenever I’m wearing one of these scrubs. At least it’s Muslimah friendly. This would be a no go in Malaysia’s OT but well, we’ll deal with it when we have to deal with it.

But still, blue is really an unflattering colour *sighs*



No, I don’t think she’s on FB.



The nerd I’m becoming these days. But that’s not important here.



#random I miss Matteo!