My  blog is currently writhing from the agony of a slow painful death T__T


I think it’s proven just how bad of a travel writer I am (proof: my draft on Pisa is abandoned mercilessly and I never got around blogging about Paris).

And now my 2-day trip to Hampi trip is only 1/3 blogged =_____=”


But I’m persistent to finish it this time!!



The entrance fee for foreigners aside from those of SAARC & BIMSTEC countries (wtf are these) is Rs 250.

Should have pretended we’re from Thailand man, it’s only Rs 10 each!



This is Mimi, “Hey take a picture of me buying the tickets.”

Like that’s so interesting lah right~

They didn’t even check our passports! So next time, HI WE’RE FROM THAILAND SAWADEEKAP.



This place is called Zanana Enclosure, an entire compound where the queens and concubines lived in.

These people ah, so lavish.



The Lotus Palace. You see the bare soil surrounding it? The palace was once surrounded by water. Dah nama Lotus Palace kan.



Because I feel this picture is very artsy, if you exclude the aunty sitting there lah.

The interesting point about this palace (historical mode is on) is that the water ran inside the walls. Awesome cooling system!



Hanging out under a shady tree,  providing us a temporary relief from the hot weather.



There’s a glow on my face because I’m full of cahaya keimanan like that~

No lah, it’s coz my spot was directly under the sun, hence the shades.



I really hate this ❤ pose, like seriously.



11 stables, each for an elephant.

These were reserved for festivals and royal parades.



We’re mannequins!



I saw this elephant statue and exclaimed, “I wanna sit on it!” because my legs cannot duduk diam, whatever they could climb, they would.


But you see how the statue’s kindda sloping? In order to climb it, I had to slide myself slowly upwards. Which made a loud srrrt srrrt srrrt sound.

And while I was doing that, I had an audience consisting of the locals who were pointing and laughing at me.

Ceh sukahati orang lah nak buat apa.



We had a buffet lunch of, wait for it-



Vegetarian food =____=”

Even though I happen to like chapati and papad (that’s popadom for you Malaysians), it’s still veggie food bleh.



This is the entrance of Vittala Temple.



Inside you would find assortments of buildings, each serving a different purpose.



This one’s called The Musical Pillars. It consists of 51 musical pillars, each producing a different sound and played by a musician.


It was build for one of the Queens (who used to be a dancer btw). She would stand in the middle of it with the musicians all around her and dance. A drape was placed around the building so no one could see her dancing except for the King.

An ex-dancer for a Queen, I dunno lah. Sounds tacky to me.



Some of the musical pillars up close. Beautiful aren’t they?







Because we’re wearing almost identical tops!



Magnolia tree which came all the way from Japan.



The musicians.

What instrument is MJ playing exactly?



Mr. Chandru, our tourist guide. Born and bred in Hampi. Excellent explanation of the history, I would say.


queen's bath

The Queen’s Bath! A large pool surrounded by 8 balconies (like the one above) especially for entertainers. Cheese, melampau lah sampai 8 kan *jealous mode*

It’s a 2-storey building. Above would be a spa-like area.

Now where the hell will I find myself a King? I want a Queen’s Bath too T___T



What’s left of the Royal King’s Palace.



Another habit of mine is I like being at the edge of a distant height. It gives me a sense of freedom.

*pakai earplugs siap-siap for Mum’s nagging*



The Stepwell. Gorgeous lah the architecture.





A slab of the floor used for…guess what?

A banquet! So it’s actually a floor-plate haha. It’d be so easy to clean up! Just splash water and soap and sweep everything.

Kindda genius actually.



Ironically, we did our prayers at the temple ruins. Our apologies for we didn’t mean any disrespect by doing so. Somehow we just didn’t realise it at that moment.