It’s 6 am and I’m wide awake.

I can’t even remember when was the last time that happened. Maybe when I was still an infant, crying for my bottle of Promil.


Had a horrible dream a couple of hours ago. It’s so vivid, even now, that I couldn’t bring myself back to sleep T__T


I dreamed it was the Judgement Day. The one thing I felt strongly in that dream was how I wished I could have a second chance. How I wished I could start everything anew and mend my ways. How scared I was, for all the things I lacked. How strongly I hold to every little good bits I’d committed in my lifetime, hoping they’d suffice.


It reminded me of what I seemed to forget; that there might not be tomorrow.


I guess in a lot of ways, it wasn’t a horrible dream. But whatever it was, it sure did leave me feeling horrible and unease. And I could not be more of a fool if it doesn’t make me realised yet that something’s wrong somewhere.


And then I suddenly missed my gran. And then I got a bit carried away and got all sentimental and cried on the phone. But I’m so glad to hear she’s fine!! Anyone who could make the effort to complain would live a long healthy life. So there.


So people, I would count it as a blessing if anyone would take the effort to remind me once in a while. Do that all the time and I might just get annoyed wth nisa what is this.


Alright, am gonna read a book and try to sleep now. Tata!


Tiba-tiba lapar ish.