I’m in a very very very good mood. Like VERY.


Very recently (we’re talking about a couple of days ago), our university had a change of system. And the fab thing about this system is it abolishes the importance of ENT, Ophthalmology and Community Medicine.


Which, may I remind you for the zillionth time, are the subjects I’m taking in my 3rd year.


So instead of studying those subjects for one whole year and having to pass the 3rd Professional Exam in order to proceed to the final year, (which in our case was 1.5 year long of 4th year. No 5th year), we proceed directly to the 4th year.


Without any exams!! And with the new system, we now have to go through the 5th year. So all in all, the total duration of our course is still 5 years. I know you guys won’t really understand, but it’s okay. I faham sorang, sudah.


BUT NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAM DID I IMAGINE I WOULD NOT HAVE COMMED!!!! No more K.Park!! No more epidemiology bullshit!!! No more Dr. Shantaram!!!


Our clinical postings requirement for ENT, Ophthal and Commed has now been reduced to only 2 weeks each woooohooo!!!!


3 years of studying commed gone, just like that. Poof. And to be frank, I don’t give a damn. It’s the longest subject I’ve taken yet have never understood up to this day. Amazing.


Let’s face it, those subjects are all postgraduate subjects. The books we’re currently using are also PG level. So no need to make a fuss, balik Malaysia bukan dapat practice pun.

If you missed ENT and Ophthal that much, open up your text books anytime and read. Knowledge is knowledge after all, even without exams. Don’t be such geeks, live a little.


And now I’ve a whole week of nothing-ness stretched ahead of me since they need time to sort the new system out. And I’ve zero plan so far. We’ll see how lah.



Adios amigos tos tos K. Park.

See you in the next life.