If there’s a subject I couldn’t stand more than OBG, it’s Paeds.



Annoying. Crying. Tantrum throwing. Kids.

Oh wait, that last bit was me.


But so far we only got cases on newborns and over 12 year-old children.

The former is too small to know how to throw tantrums, the latter is too old to know better not to throw tantrums. Excellent.



I kept smoothing out her frowns, “Baby, you don’t wanna have wrinkles too early in life.” 


Weighing only 1.9 kg, this baby is categorised under intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). So small leh!! We watched the nurse bathed her and I swear, if I ever saw anyone treating my child that way, I’m gonna sue the hospital. In fact, I’ll sue the whole state if I could *dramatic*

How could anyone be so rough with babies!


Anyway, that’s not my point. My point is, I don’t understand how people could say newborns are cute *gives a pointed look at Adik Belon*

Unless you’re the parents, which is understandable, because then it becomes obligatory to compliment your own genes. Or if you’re paying a visit, a small white lie just might come in handy.


If you’re complementing newborns in an unbeknownst language to the patient, now that’s when things get serious.


All newborns look pretty much the same to me. I mean, they don’t really have any distinct features don’t they?? No need to get so agitated, I was a baby once myself ok?


So how could anyone go,

“Oooh what a beautiful nose. Oooh, look at those pretty eyes. Oooohhhh. She looks just like the mother!” ?

*gives another pointed look at Adik Belon*



Severe child obsession syndrome (SCOS)


I swear, any breathing kid is adorable to her.


MJ: Nisa, hurry up and get married! I’ll look after your child once a week.

NISA: Deal with Belon. I’m gonna dump my kids on her until they’re passed their crying stage.


Sometimes my thoughts really surpassed my expectations *pats self on the back*