In my world, Kg. stands for kampung.


When we wanna comment on someone without them understanding it- aih konon tulis panjang2 nak cover, MENGUMPAT OK, MENGUMPAT- we’d say,

“Kg. sangat dia tu.”



Sissy managed to snap a pic of us gossiping at Paris’s train station. Which train station I forgot; it’s the main one.

Sissy: Korang ni sampai Paris pun tak habis habis bergosip *shakes head*


But in truth, what’s so wrong with being kg. anyway?


I’m one of those people who doesn’t have any kampung to go back to during Raya. In my attempt to not be pathetic, I’d say Miri is my kampung. Because Miri is in Sarawak so technically people will think it as a kampung. No need to tell them it’s actually a city.

Loser sangat T___T  


But the losers losers, I think, would be those who actually come from kampungs (am killing the language by pluralising it lol), but try hard not to look the part.


If you have to eat rice for every meal, eat lah rice. Suka berulam, makan lah ulam. There’s no need to pretend you’re a Japanese cuisine lover. Or French. Or Mexican. The more exotic it is, the cooler eh?

If you’re not that good in picking clothes, wear what you’re comfortable in. That’s better than being a walking fashion disaster and trying to work it at the same time.

If you don’t really speak english, tak payah lah beraccent-accent to cover your broken grammars. Learn the rules, abide by them, you’ll do fine.


What’s there to be so ashamed of? I think it’s cool to be different.


Sometimes it’s painful to see these people trying so hard to fit in. It’s so ugly, strutting to be someone else when the person you are is so obvious.

How can people accept you when you can’t even accept yourselves?


When a person’s mind is dictated by people’s judgements, I would say that’s pathetic.


So chin up! Be proud of who you are and where you come from yo 😉 In my diva ways, I think people have to make the extra efforts to fit in with me, not the other way around bwahahaha.