NISA: Eh kan best kalau dalam jadual cakap tinggal seminggu lagi nak exam tapi uni actually buat surprise, rupa2nya ad another week lagi after that! Sebab kalau bagi 2 weeks pun, the last one week baru kita study kan.


Was what I’d said to Mimi last year.

My head is always full of wishful hopes, I never cease to feel amazed.


And walah! That’s what’s happening now!


Only instead of jumping up and down in joy, I’m pissed off.


I mean, WHO POSTPONED EXAMS JUST SO THE STUDENTS COULD PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS TOURNAMENTS? Sometimes I’m confused whether I’m really doing medicine. Because that’s just absurd!


I wanted to go to SEMPOI bah 😦 Dah la Ustaz Hasrizal *sobs* And the fee was Rs 2500 non-refundable. And my flight ticket cost Rs 6000. Hmm, I dunno, is there any reason not to be frustrated?


Alhamdulillah my flight ticket is refundable. Who knows, maybe I’m actually saved from the inevitable even if I couldn’t see it now. 

Oooh! I saw that pair of nude heels in Rockport the other day!! I mean, I’ve always wanted a pair of nude heels.


MUM: I told you not to go to that camp didn’t I? Hahahaha. Tu lah, next time listen to me!


Cis, bukan nak consoled orang.

I’m in pain ok, in pain!