Now that Eid celebration is over, it’s back to business.


Man, I wish people really celebrate Eid for a month! But then I might be needing 15 new clothes. And I’d have to meet different people every day for 30 days straight. Nightmare.

So it’s ok lah.


I’m currently in the OBG department, which isn’t really one of my favourite subjects. I blame it wholly on episiotomy =____=”

Why do women have to undergo episiotomy during labour? WHY???

I would say clinical posting is a bit like life. We don’t really get interesting cases every day. In fact, most of the time we spend it waiting for the doctors to arrive for the class to start. So yes, sometimes we choose not to attend. But once in a blue moon, a rare case occurs, and we might miss it. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? 🙂


Which happened to me yesterday T___T




The first time I actually saw this baby was when my friends posted the pictures on FB. Imagine my frustration!!! *stabs self*


To make it up, I made a trip to the ICU in the afternoon. More than anything, I was curious as to how I would feel. Because when I saw the pictures, the only thing that came to my mind was,

“Damn why did these cases occur when I was absent!”.


Which was a selfish thought really.




But anyone, even Robocop, would melt when he comes face to face with this baby. And that’s how it was with me too.


Oh God, he was perfect, so perfect. With his tiny toes and fingers. And at that time he was sleeping so soundly, unaware death was lurking so near. Which made it all sadder 😦


And the frustrating part of all was that it’s avoidable. If only the mother went for regular antenatal check-ups right from the beginning instead of waiting until she’s already 6 months pregnant. The doctor could have prescribed her folic acid supplements. The ultra scan would have detected the anencephaly at 12-16 weeks.  The pregnancy could be aborted before it’s too late.


There’re so many could-have-beens, so many what ifs. But that’s life. In the end it’s all God’s will.


Cracking my head during exams and having minimal holidays often make me question my decision. But it’s times like this that make me understand why I chose this profession in the first place.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much of a reason. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face.


But most of the time, it’s learning to be a better person.