The one thing I’m focusing whole-heartedly lately is,




Never mind about classes and assignments and stuff, let’s not think about that for a moment (or moments, I don’t care either way).


Flipping the calendar seems to be my hobby lately.

Flip. Oh yay! 3 more weeks to go!

Flip. Still 3 weeks. Hmm.

Flip. Ok maybe I should go and do something more beneficial now.

Flip. Why are the days passing so slowly? *sighs*


Thank God there’s Ramadhan to distract me otherwise I’d go bonkers already =____=”

Although I suspect I’m already half-bonkers anyway.


So! My resolution this year is……*drum rolls*


Waking up for sahur!! As it is every year lol. Why so hard to wake up for sahur I oso dunno  T_T

And performing tarawikh in jemaah every day.

Because I hate crowds. Be it at the shopping mall, or some college event or ceramah agama, you named it. Where there are a lot of people, you can count on me to not be there.


But so far so good, alhamdulillah.




So anyway *wth tukar topic* this is Marley. Yeah he’s all grown up now. But that’s not important. What’s important is he’s staying at my house at present. MY HOUSE.

And I just spend half an hour tonight going up and down the stairs of block A and B trying to look for him. Just to find out he went back to the house by himself.


If the flush in my toilet is working, that’s where he’d end up. Just kidding. Maybe.


I for one think he’s syaitan jelmaan kucing. I mean, just look at him! And when he stares at people, it’s really creepy ok! But no, the others won’t listen to me (as usual). They think I’m talking crap. But you guys wait. Time will prove I’m right!



Another cat that’s living with us is Atok. I like him (surprise, surprise). Coz he’s fat and lazy and stupid and is literally a  scaredy cat.

In fact whenever I’m bored I’d go looking for him just so I could scare him bwahahahaha. Gosh I like stupid cats.


But no one could conclude it as well as House that time when Wilson had gotten himself a cat.

"Paranoia is the first sign of toxoplasma gondii, the parasite linked to crazy cat lady disease.”

Season 7, episode 12.


I keep telling my housemates they’ll get toxoplasmosis soon enough but do they listen to me? No! Microbiology wasted I tell you.