Due to the lack of er, cash (to put it bluntly) for our future programs, IMSA decided to go all entrepreneur and sell keropok lekor.


What’s keropok lekor in english? Fish chips? Eh dat’s fish and chips. Fish sausages then. They do look like sausages don’t they?


I disliked fish. Not all though. I love salmon and stingray and……okay, only those two. I could stand cooked fish. What I can’t stand are the raw ones.


I used to like ikan masin. But that time I ate it (how old was I? 15? Around that age lah), one of the bones got stuck between my teeth. And it hurt like crazy. So that’s it, bye bye ikan masin forever.


As far as I could remember, I never cooked fish. There’s no way you’d see me in pasar ikan or even the frozen section at the supermarket.  And there’s absolutely no way I’d touch raw fish. The smell is something I couldn’t tolerate.


Before you call me any names, you have got to meet my mum. Because SHE DOESN’T EAT FISH. AT ALL.

Quoting my mum, “Ergh fish are smelly,”.


That time my dad wanted to have lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market, she went all,

“No way. What am I gonna eat??”

And I said, “You could eat the salad.”



So while my dad is a fish lover, my mum is a fish hater. That explains my picky nature in fish.



There were 60 kg of fish to be blended.


Kill me.


Now, it’s not that I’ve never used a blender in my whole life. Maybe once. Or twice. So I shouldn’t be blamed if I forgot to hold the lid while using the blender. Nor was it my fault that the contains burst out twice. Kantoi jarang masuk dapur 😛


Just to be fair, no, I didn’t cause the most epic scene. That moment belongs to *** *****. She was practically bathed in fish! ROFL.



We made these from 3 pm to 2 am. That’s almost 12 hours T__T



Blend the fish, add sagoo, salt and flour. Mix. Then roll them into long fish sausages and boil them.

There were 3 big pots of that. THREE.

We must had made over 700 rolls of keropok lekor that night.


I wouldn’t say it was pure torture though. Working with these guys always cracked me up. Sorta made all the hard work worth it. We had laksam (Ayam made it, hebat!) + grilled chicken + shavarma rolls for dinner. Mesti ada shavarma rolls for dinner, lol.


And we watched Karak while rolling the keropok lekor. I love Malay ghost movies. Coz they’re not scary at all 😀


NISA: Kita penat2 study medic last2 kena jual keropok lekor gak LOL.

One more thing I could add to my resume. Selling keropok lekor.


So that’s it. I’m not gonna eat fish for a year, I swear.