The problem with most of us women is, we don’t have that. That thing we called sisterhood.


Naturally, I have a blood-death pact with my sisters, mother, aunts, cousins (okay, so the last two would be under KIV). We are, even if it’s inevitable, related by the same nonsensical genes (refers to KIV).


I do feel protective of my girlfriends, cliques, housemates, usrah-mates. Those I know personally, those I’ve exchanged more than how-do-you-dos and a smile.


But what of those outside the circle?

What about the person sitting behind me in class every day (so it’s a guy, but let’s turn a blind eye)? Or that batch-mate I’ve seen over 3 years but never knew her name? Or a friend of a friend of a friend?


What about them?


Us women, unlike guys, don’t implore the fact that we share the same type of chromosome as one of importance. We only care of those who are dear to us.


I guess that’s why we don’t have any problem stabbing behind each other’s back. Or telling each other’s flaws to those who would listen. That’s why we have cat fights and evil hatred and grudges. Why we could end up not talking for months and months.


We lack sisterhood. Because even if it does exist in your dictionaries, it’s limited. Between us women, it’s always a competition. Some more than the others.


And when I see that happening in real life, it really makes me wonder what we women are truly made of.