So where should I start?


How miserable it is having com med classes 5 days a week for 2 months?

How unprepared I am for the 1st IA that’s only 2 weeks from now?

The tests/presentations/assignments constantly held every week for every other subject but Ophthalmology and ENT (the 2 subjects I’m taking this year besides com med)?


Or the fact that despite it all, I somehow seem to be infected by the lazy bug?



(the answer is, of course,  A BIG FAT NO. I took a peek at the hols schedule at Sindhi’s cafe. The nearest would be Raya pfft).


Maybe I won’t elaborate more on any of those. Best to keep this head headache-free than it already is.


Ah lost my mood to blog od @#$%^&**


Ok lah, give you another of dunno-where-to-put-my-face situation.





The other day, when we were hanging out at S’s place, I had an urge to make myself a cup of Milo coz it was a cold night. MJ took a sip of it and….

“Are you trying to make Milo-O?”


NISA: Ah? *blank face*

MJ: Or….you just like it this way?

NISA: Ah? *another blank face followed* IdunnohowtomakeMilo.

And then everyone burst out laughing.

MJ: It’s ok. If it’s you I’m not surprised BWAHAHAHAHA.




Though may I say I have my own explanations?


#1 I very rarely consumed hot drinks; except during exams when I need to stay up.

Proof would be the Nescafe/Nestum/Milo my parents brought when they visited me 1.5 year ago are still there on the kitchen shelves  =_____=”

Making myself a cup would be too much of a hassle. Yes I’m lazy like that.


#2 Whenever I’m home, there’s Kak Us to make ‘em for me. Or if she’s not around, I usually sweet-talked my mum to make them.


And thus I could not be blamed if I lacked expertise in that area laugh all you want like I care bye.