I don’t even know what keeps me from writing lately.


I just didn’t feel like doing it. Another phase of growing up, perhaps? The older you get, the more you talk nonsense, the less you feel like confiding.


Maybe the talking nonsense part refers specifically to me. Huh.


I’m all over the place lately. Hormones, lol. One of the perks of being a woman is just that; you could blame everything on hormones 😀


Usually when I’m depressed, there are only 2 places I tend to go: the beach and the park. Haha what you think my life is drama Melayu is it? Go to those places, I get what? Heh.


We all know well enough when Nisa says places, she’s actually referring to shops *grins*


Number 1 would be a toy shop. Usually I prefer going alone but this time I dragged Aida to the huge one opposite Lifestyle.




I’m aware I’m not exactly 10 years old but toy shops remind me of the feelings of my childhood. A time when all I was capable of feeling was joy at the sight of toys. A time when there was no insecurity, just warmth and love.

It soothes me, in a way. Which is why every time I go home, I never failed to stop by at Toy’s World with my sisters. It’s the shop my parents used to bring us frequently when we were children.



This pencil case is really cool. They’re like 3 buttons that when you pressed them, different things popped out!

Aida said, Are you serious about buying it? It’s too small, don’t!

*roll eyes*


You would never know what you’d find in here. I mean, if you go to a shoe shop, all you’d get are shoes. But going through the stuff in a toy store is like treasure hunting. It’s exciting you know?




There was that time when I was excitedly pointing out a whole row of erasers at Aida,

NISA: Aida tengok pemadam ni! Macam2 shape ada!


And then a voice answered from nowhere,

“They’re erasers.”


I turned to find a girl around 10 years old staring at me with her arms folded across her chest.

“I know they’re erasers.” Take that you budak kecik poyo.


I waited for her to go away but she continued standing there staring. Remember Dakota Fanning from Uptown Girls? Yup, that kid’s exactly like her.


Hello budak kecik I tak kacau you pun. Shuh shuh blah.


God, kids these days. Annoying tahap langit ketujuh.



My haul that day.

I found a new type of stickers!! They’re called shaker stickers coz they contained these bead-like thingy so when you shake the stickers they move!





My artworks at 5 am. I couldn’t sleep.


So….that’s it I guess.


Oh yeah, the second place. It’d be a book shop obviously  :)  Only that day it wasn’t an option because 1st IA is in 3 weeks time so yeah, nak menempah maut can la go and buy 10 story books then tak study heh.


Until next time people. Ta.