Like I’ve announced to the whole world, ehem, I’ll be going back for Raya this year *big big big smile*

I almost decided not to go back thinking about all the relatives I’ve to meet and the usual “interviews” I’ll have to endure but get this;

Raya sucks mostly. But not getting to celebrate it with your family sucks even more.

Lesson learned.


And yet what I wanted to highlight isn’t that. IT’S THE FACT THAT MY DAD ALLOWED ME TO BUNK CLASSES FOR ONCE.

*throws confetti in the air*


Yes ladies and gentlemen, you’ve read that correctly. A big round applause for my dad please.


My friends always say, “Ah ko nak risau ape. Parents ko sponsor ko balik tiap kali kot.”


Sponsor or no sponsor, if daddy says you no can bunk classes, you no can go back T___T


My dad isn’t exactly the strict type; I basically could get away with anything…well, most of the time. But if there’s one thing he won’t tolerate, it’s education.


Oh the times he gave me disappointing looks and lectures for not keeping up with his expectations. And the tuitions he made me go wth. Even HaniFatso doesn’t dare tell my parents if she’d gotten a B.


Anyway, one thing I’d never gotten away with during high school was bunking classes. Which, when you think about it now seems so much like a waste as there were no attendance requirement back then sheesh.


Now. There was that one time during form 3 when I really didn’t feel like going to school. Well, my dad, he did the usual. He sat next to me and started giving me a looooooooong lecture on how bad it was to be truant bla bla bla.


That’s what he would do when we were too lazy to wake up for Subuh prayer. He just sat there and TALK. And when you’re trying to sleep, it’s really annoying that you’d just give up sleeping and do whatever he wanted just so he would shut up.


But you see, that day I was really adamant not to give up. I covered my face with not one, but two pillows to drone out his voice. Extra effort there, people. He must have been talking for half an hour and realised it just wouldn’t work this time so he changed his tactic….


“If you don’t go to school I’m gonna cancel your reservation for Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix at Popular.”


He blackmailed me    =__________=”


Kekejian I tell you.


And being a poor student who still depended on her dad to buy her story books, it came as no surprise when I immediately threw the comforter away, jumped out of bed and zoomed straight to the toilet lah =_____=”


So my conclusion is, someone misses his daughter!

(though when I tried my luck by asking if I could go back for 2 weeks instead of one he said NO pfft).