When there’re so many things going on, I feel like doing just that.


Drag every bit and piece of my life and stuff it into the washing machine in the hopes they’ll come out dirt-free and fragrant.


Speak of the impossible, but a girl can wish right?


The annual dinner is over and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. God knows we could use with some sleep and rest. In these past 2 weeks our lives revolved around it. The venue, the deco, the food, the seating, the performances, the invitations.


But I think, the most important thing I’ve learned from this is, I could get use with not meeting certain people for the rest of my life.

Because to me, that’s the biggest challenge of all. Having to meet and work and mingle with people I couldn’t bring myself to face. To have to smile and nod while I suppressed my urge to throw knives at them. When what you say don’t really matter and what you do is not looked upon, I’ve had enough with them all.


I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted with people. And as I’m saying this, I’m deactivating my FB account.


I never wanted to have one before, I think I’ve made that clear beforehand. But then, I couldn’t deny its perks. And one of it, the reason I finally decided to join the 21st century and create an account was because of my role in the student council. That’s where we plan most of our activities. And I have to be professional in that.


But now, one of our biggest projects is over. More will come, but until then, I choose this.


So, now I can sleep and stay in my room and not meet anyone for a month.

Liddat I’ve to bunk classes for a month lah     =______=”


Like I said, a girl could dream. Heh.




This was how my wardrobe looked like; like tauhu sumbat.



And on that day I was impatient, one tug and everything came tumbling down T___T

And that’s how I’ve lived for the past few days. Nak carik baju macam treasure hunting wth.



Just making sure I still have a sense of humour, God forbid if I’ve lost it. Toodles!